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San Jose double homicide: Why details in Evergreen couple's killing matter

Simpson case, the cold command of "Just kill him" in a recent East San Jose killing.So it is in what is emerging as the most sensational killing in San Jose this year -- the gunshot deaths of Golam Rabbi, 59, and his wife, Shamima Rabbi, 57, a little more than week ago at their Evergreen home.According to media reports, the killer or killers left a message in ink near the bodies. It still does not explain a motive, which is the great mystery.
San Jose Mercury News
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Herhold: Throwing VTA under the bus

The consultants estimate that roughly 30 percent of VTA's service is geared to routes with very few riders.The problem with this answer is fundamentally a political one. There isn't enough critical mass to make them economical.But concentrating on the lines that draw passengers -- and making the buses much more frequent -- is a step toward giving the VTA what it desperately needs: credibility. Another might be to give them vouchers for a discounted Uber or Lyft ride.
San Jose Mercury News
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Herhold: What's the fight between Laurie Smith and LaDoris Cordell really about?

Since then, with the blessing of the board of supervisors, the blue-ribbon Cordell commission has been hearing testimony about jail problems. A few hours before the fight, the two had met at Hobee's in Palo Alto, and Smith tried to persuade Cordell to moderate the commission's recommendations. The blue-ribbon commission has made 120 recommendations -- everything from installing an independent auditor to improving the inmate welfare fund. She suspended other guards who had exchanged racist messages.
San Jose Mercury News
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