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VIDEO: Dramatic moment British jihadi dubbed 'white beast' killed fighting for al-Shabaab

But, for 25-year-old Thomas Evans from Buckinghamshire, the moment captured on camera of him greeting fanatical al-Shabaab fighters was to be one of his last.

Just hours later the terrorist was killed in a savage gun battle that left at least a dozen fighters dead.

Newly-obtained footage shows the intense fighting that ended in Evans' death last weekend.

He was filmed during a raid on a military base in Lamu County, on Kenya's northern coast.

The dramatic film captures the moment Evans falls to the ground after being hit by a bullet.

It is a shocking tale of peaceful schoolboy from the Home Counties turned crazed killer while with a radical terror group.

But Evans is thought to be one of at least 50 fellow Britons that have made the journey to the Middle East or Africa to join the so-called jihad - or 'holy war'.

The extraordinary pictures of a meeting between like-minded militants were found in a camera strapped to Evans' dead body.

They show the relaxed greeting he gives co-fighters including another white man - German fighter Andreas Martin Muller.

In one clip, a group of several dozen fighters can be seen jumping up and down and gesturing to the sky in an apparent celebration.

The men, dressed in a mixture of camouflage, Western and local outfits, hug each other, shake hands and embrace in an area of cleared shrub land in the north of the country.

Evans is seen proudly wearing a knife strapped to his chest before he puts his hand over the camera and the footage stops.

In another video, a masked militant is pictured fiddling with what appears to be an improvised explosive device.

But the footage soon turns ugly as later filming shows the moment Evans is hit by a fatal bullet, with explosions lighting up the night sky.

Evans, from High Wycombe, is thought to have converted to Islam in 2012, aged just 19.

His mother, Sally, said her son had met "some people with some very twisted, warped ideas of Islam" and that her "whole world has fallen apart" after the news that he had died.

Al-Shabaab means 'The Youngsters' in Arabic and is affiliated with fellow terror group Al-Qaeda.

The group operated predominantly in Somalia and Yemen but fighting has spread to a handful of countries across sub-Saharan Africa.

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British Muslim convert ‘second in command’ during Kenya al-Shabab raid

Thomas Evans, 25, from Buckinghamshire, died in an attack on a military base on 14 June. 

It is also understood that Evans was the group’s cameraman and filmed footage of the raid before his death.

Kenyan security forces killed 11 Al-shabab gunmen during the incident in Lamu County, near the Somali border.

Two Kenyan soldiers also died. 

The al-Qaeda affiliate terrorist group based in Somalia has carried out a series of high-profile attacks in Kenya, including the Westgate shopping centre siege in Nairobi in 2013 and a violent gun attack at a university, killing at least 147 people.

Police have confirmed that Evans was second in command on the day of the latest raid.

He can apparently be heard in a recording shouting orders over a radio to younger al-Shabab fighters, according to a BBC correspondent.

Kenyan security forces believe about 100 Britons have joined al-Shabab

Evans, who converted to Islam in 2010 and changed his name to Abdul Hakim, travelled to Somalia in 2011.

British police had previously stopped him at Heathrow Airport in 2011 as he tried to board a flight to Kenya.

He then flew to Egypt a few months later, telling his family it was to learn Arabic.

His mother, Sally Evans,  57, said she felt “numb” after seeing a picture of her son’s body on Twitter. 

"I couldn't believe that that was my son, my little boy," she said. 

Evans last spoke to his mother in December, telling her he did not want his body to return to the UK.

Ms Evans said that her son had told her not to mourn his death as he would be “in paradise”.

She said that her son had met “some people with some very twisted, warped ideas of Islam” in the local area and was later influenced by online material.

Ms Evans had previously told a committee of MPs that there had by a “massive failure” by UK authorities in allowing her son to leave Britain.

The Kenyan government has released photographs of 38 militants believed to have been involved in al-Shabab’s latest attack.

Among them is a German man, Andreas Martin Muller, who has been on a watch-list for the past six years.

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New Top Gear host Chris Evans reveals James May could return to the show

I had to get out of that madness, let other people get involved in that.’Evans added that he was only offered the job last week by Mark Linsey, BBC’s controller of entertainment commissioning, over the phone.MORE: Chris Evans WILL take over on Top Gear with ‘an all-new line-up’ of hostsMORE: This is the date of Jeremy Clarkson’s final EVER appearance on Top Gear.

Chris Evans has hinted that James May could join him back on Top Gear.

The DJ, who was announced as the show’s new presenter last night, claimed May’s future on Top Gear was still under discussion.

Speaking on Radio 2, Evans revealed that he had got in touch with his friends Clarkson, May, Hammond and former executive producer Andy Wilman before the official announcement.

He said: ‘James called me back straight away. We had a chat, we are going to meet up today or tomorrow to talk about things. Who knows what might happen there?’

It was widely believed that May would be joining Clarkson and Hammond on a new project with rumours that the old Top Gear trio were setting something up with Netflix.

Evans revealed that Hammond had offered his support texting him to say he was ‘designed and built for that job. It will be great. It was always the BBC’s best option ? I certainly don’t blame you for doing so.’

Clarkson told him: ‘I knew you would.’

Evans had previously denied he was in the running for the job and said he didn’t want to become a ‘pawn in a chess game’.

He said: ‘I did not want to be involved in bookies’ odds, that’s not what the situation needed. I had to get out of that madness, let other people get involved in that.’

Evans added that he was only offered the job last week by Mark Linsey, BBC’s controller of entertainment commissioning, over the phone.

MORE: Chris Evans WILL take over on Top Gear with ‘an all-new line-up’ of hosts

MORE: This is the date of Jeremy Clarkson’s final EVER appearance on Top Gear

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Chris Evans WILL take over on Top Gear with ‘an all-new line-up’ of hosts

Chris Evans is making a ‘secret’ Top Gear filmMORE: Jeremy Clarkson has netted a cool £1million for his rights to Top Gear but Richard Hammond and James May get nothing.

Chris Evans is OFFICIALLY in the driving seat as the new host of Top Gear.

The BBC confirmed the news explaining that Evans has ‘signed a three-year deal to lead an all-new Top Gear line-up’.

Looks like Richard Hammond and James May turned down that reported megabucks deal.

The Radio 2 DJ said: ‘I promise I will do everything I possibly can to respect what has gone on before and take the show forward.’

The man himself praised the former Top Gear trio on Twitter.

But there’s still no news on who will be joining him?.

Production on the new series is set to start in the next few weeks.

The news comes just after the air date for Jeremy Clarkson’s last episode was announced as June 28 on BBC2.

Clarkson was dropped from Top Gear earlier this year following a fracas with producer Oisin Tymon.

Evans’ name had been linked to the BBC show for some time with The Telegraph tipping the self-proclaimed car obsessive as the favourite for the gig.

However at the time Chris had slapped down rumours.

MORE: Jeremy Clarkson’s back on the track as the trailer for his final Top Gear appearance is released

MORE: Is he gearing up for the job? Chris Evans is making a ‘secret’ Top Gear film

MORE: Jeremy Clarkson has netted a cool £1million for his rights to Top Gear but Richard Hammond and James May get nothing

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Mother of terrorist Briton reveals his body WON'T be brought home after he died fighting

Sally Evans said that she felt "numb" after seeing a picture of her son Thomas's body on Twitter.

Sally Evans said that she felt "numb" after seeing a picture of her son Thomas's body on Twitter. She said: "Tom never wanted to come back to the UK again. So do I fulfil his wishes? As his mum, I guess that's the last thing I can do for him, because he didn't want to come back. "I'd be bringing him back for my selfish purposes."

Thomas Evans, from Buckinghamshire, contacted his family in 2012 to tell them that he had travelled to Somalia to join the terrorist organisation.

Evans is thought to be among suspected extremists killed in an attack on an army camp in Lamu County, Kenyan military officials said.

The 25-year-old last spoke to his mum in December, telling her not to mourn his death as he would be "in paradise".

Ms Evans, 57, said: "I knew immediately it was Thomas. It's definitely Thomas, I know, I'm his mother.

"I just went numb, I couldn't believe that that was my son, my little boy. My little babe who I loved.

Evans first tried to move to Kenya when he was 21 but he was turned away at the airport by police.

However he went on to travel to Egypt before moving onto Somalia to join Al Shabaab, a Somalia-based group with links to al Qaida.

A spokeswoman for the Forgein Office said: "We are aware of reports of the death of a British national in Kenya. We are not able to confirm them at this time."

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'My world has fallen apart' says mum of white British man killed fighting for al-Shabaab

Sally Evans, of Buckinghamshire, also revealed she found out from a journalist that Muslim convert Thomas, 25, had died in Kenya.

His brother, Michael, then went onto Twitter to look for any news and the first thing he found was a picture of Thomas's body.

He told the BBC: "We remember him as being my brother, your son. But to everyone else he's just a terrorist."

Officials in Kenya confirmed Thomas was killed yesterday during an attack by al-Shabaab fighters on a military base in the north of the country.

Jihadists with AK47s and grenades raided the base in Lamu County, near the Somali border, and then attacked a nearby village.

Two Kenyan soldiers died and eleven gunmen were killed, including Thomas.

Evans, who was known as Abdul Hakim, told his family in 2012 he had travelled to Somalia to join the militant group - which has pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda.

Ms Evans, of Wooburn Green, near Beaconsfield, said she would always remember her son as "the little boy who had a bright future before he went down the path he went down".

His trail of destruction started when he met "some people with some very twisted, warped ideas of Islam" in the local area at first and was later influenced by material online.

She said: "I'm very angry they were prepared to put my son on the line but they are still here.

"They are not brave enough to go out there themselves."

Michael said his brother changed from the "fun and loving" person he had grown up with and eventually, at the age of 21, announced he was moving to Kenya and bought a one-way plane ticket.

Police at the airport refused to let him on the plane so he sold his possessions and informed his family he was travelling to Egypt.

In August 2011, the family were told police had lost track of him and the following January he called to tell them he had joined al-Shabaab.

Ms Evans said she felt British authorities did not do enough to prevent her son travelling to Egypt.

She said: "If they had suspicions, why didn't they involve me?

"We could have worked together to save him and I wouldn't be in this situation now," she said.

"They should have taken his passport. If I'd have known, I would have taken his passport but when they let him fly to Egypt, I thought there was nothing to worry about."

And she said she had no idea who to turn to for help and advice.

She added: "He would never tell me what he was doing.

"He did say if the worst thing happened, I wasn't to cry because he would be going to paradise, but somehow I cannot celebrate that."

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Where's Jeremy Clarkson? Chris Evans films TFI Friday Top Gear special at show's old track

Evans has been surrounded by reports suggesting that he'd be replacing Clarkson as the new Top Gear host for a while now, after Clarkson was sacked by the BBC earlier this year following a "fracas" with a producer.

However, despite fuelling claims that he's been working on a new motoring show film when he appeared on Sunday Brunch over the weekend, it seems like the pair HAVE just been working together for a one-off TFI Friday special after all.

Radio 2 DJ Evans was pictured at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey earlier today, which is the famous Top Gear test track.

The star was seen directing a £1million LaFerrari and a £175,000 Ferrari 458, thought to have been being driven by British racing champ Jason Plato aka 'The Stink'.

Earlier on in the day, Evans and the TFI producer were filming with an old lady outside her house, using her electric wheelchair, again donning the blonde wig.

The presenter's appearance comes after he fuelled claims that he's been working on a "secret Top Gear film".

Speaking to Tim Lovejoy on the breakfast show on Sunday, Evans said of the constant reports suggesting he's replacing Clarkson: "Not started [filming] yet, but we are doing a secret Top Gear film on Tuesday."

The host, 47, replied: "It's not so secret now."

Evans then went on: "It still will be, because nobody knows where it's going to be, but we're going to make one and see how it goes.

"We're making a Top Gear - we're doing a Top Gear sequence with an independent production company and we're going to see how it goes."

Despite hitting headlines after making the comments though, the news was reported yesterday that there was no upcoming movie, but there would be a little Top Gear special on the way.

It's not known when Clarkson will be shooting TFI Friday scenes, with him currently hard at work on the Clarkson, Hammond and May Live tour.

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